Organic Social Media


Stellar Elements Sales Kickoff Event

I photographed this event, then wrote and published the post. It received nearly 4,000 impressions, 667 clicks, and nearly a 20% engagement rate.

Stellar Elements Client Spotlight

I found each person who worked on the project to tag them, generating positive brand awareness. It got nearly 2,000 impressions, 100 clicks, and a 7.86% engagement rate.

Stellar Elements Case Study

I researched, wrote, designed, and created this social media exclusive case study for the Stellar Elements LinkedIn page. This organic post resulted in more than 1,000 impressions, a 20.35% engagement rate, and hundreds of clicks.

Stellar Elements GenAI Series

The first in a series of more than 20 posts to promote the Stellar Elements GenAI article series, this introductory post reached nearly 2,500 organic impressions and received 41 clicks and a 3.53% engagement rate.

Stellar Elements International Womens Day

I collaborated with colleagues to create this post, gathering photos from the team and tags of the fantastic people who worked on this event. This organic post reached more than 2,200 impressions, 700+ clicks, and an engagement rate of 34.33%.

Stellar Elements CX20 Report

I worked with a variety of teams to create this post, teaming up with an illustrator and marketing researchers who produced this Customber Experience (CX) industry report. The organic reach was more than 1,300 impressions, 234+ clicks, and an engagement rate of 20.21%.